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Phoenix Construction Inc is a design-build firm based in Red Deer that is large enough to undertake whatever the size or scope your project is, yet small enough to build the relationship that is essential in acknowledging your personal needs. Operating as a Red Deer-based construction contractor, we strive to bring your ideas to life in the form of buildings that are appealing and functional at the same time.

Our methods have helped many businesses get their construction job done with ease. We at Phoenix Construction put our heart and soul into delivering quality building design and construction services to our clients, so rest assured that you will get optimal results when you hire us in Red Deer.


We work on a design-build methodology which is a construction method that eliminates the lengthy step by step approach used in traditional architect/contractor building processes, saving the client both time and money. A design-build model is a unified approach to comprehensive services from a single point of contact. This ensures maximum communication and minimizes confusion which tends to plague linear managed projects.

The Benefits of Building Design Are Numerous


Our method eliminates conflicts and communication gaps by providing a single source of accountability from the design right down to the minute we pass over the keys to your new facility.


With building design, your project cost can be established even before the final detailed drawings are completed. This can lower your preconstruction costs.


Building design allows a close working relationship between you and our team of professionals. Our commitment to collaboration allows greater control and flexibility in each phase of the process.


By removing redesign and bidding, we get you into your facility sooner which yields a quicker return on your building investment.

Building Relationships

As your building design contractor, we devote as much front-end time as necessary to build on our relationship in order to fully comprehend your end goal while maintaining everything from time management to dispute resolution. We work closely with your vision and guidelines, incorporating every aspect from building functionality to image while still taking into account the rate of tomorrow's growth - which may include options for future expansions or renovations.

Once we are collectively satisfied that our vision meets your end goal, we put together a fully equipped team of designers and engineers to prepare preliminary drawings. With your support, the drawings are further developed and then passed to our estimators and construction managers to generate cost estimates and time schedules for your approval.

Moving from Relationships to Teamwork

Upon approval of the design concept and cost proposal, the project is initiated. Our staff take care of all architectural, electrical, mechanical and structural drawings and/or specs that may be required to obtain necessary permits.

Any critical resources or materials with predictably long lead times are ordered in advance. Our project coordinator and site superintendent gather their professional and trade teams, and we gear up to integrate building design and construction.

Production Time

Once all permits are obtained and the site location is prepared, the building process is set in motion. With regular on-site meetings, we allow the lines of communication to stay open and keep you as up to date as possible as your new building takes shape.

Maintaining Our Relationship

As your single-source building design contractor, we maintain strict unified management and control over every hour of design and construction. With all personnel under one command, working to the same integrated schedule, we deliver high-quality work, efficiency and predictability. Phoenix Construction Inc is committed to service, quality and building relationships.

Your Trusted Residential Building Design Contractor in Red Deer

At Phoenix Construction Inc, we understand the importance and passion behind building your dream home in Red Deer. You can consider us for quality residential building designs. Before we proceed, it is essential to understand the difference between architects and building designers.

Building designers and architects perform similar functions when it comes to the design and production part of your residential spaces. Building designers mainly offer all your designing and drafting services for new builds or renovations.

Residential building designs are suitable for single-family homes, duplexes, multi-family projects, among others. In the majority of cases, it is more practical for your budget to hire building designers than architects. Feel free to get in touch with us for your next residential building design in Red Deer.

Reliable Building Design Service for Commercial and Industrial Structures in Red Deer 

Like residential building designs, building designers are equally qualified to undertake commercial and industrial structures. Our team of qualified and skilled designers at Phoenix Construction Inc can efficiently work with engineers and architects for our client’s project in Red Deer.

You can consider our commercial and industrial building designers for the facility, community projects, office upgrades, retail store renovations, restaurant redesigning services and more. At Phoenix Construction Inc, we also undertake general repairs and maintenance for commercial and industrial building designs.

Contact us today for more information.


Why Choose Us


Years of experience: Phoenix Construction Inc has been serving the people of Red Deer for years with quality building design and construction services. Ever since we stepped foot in this industry, we have climbed up the ladder to be reckoned as the go-to construction contractor in central Alberta. With more than 32 years of experience, it is safe to say that your construction site will be in safe and experienced hands with us.


We design as you wish: Your opinion matters to us and what you say, what you wish for, will reflect in the design that we present to you. We certainly believe that you deserve the first say in your designs and your preferences must be given utmost importance.


Every design need is diligently met:You say challenge, we say accepted! Our team of professionals is skilled enough to take on any job put in front of them as long as it is practical. From small scale projects to large, be it designing a school or a multi-storey corporate centre, we are up for it. Courageous, creative and absolutely practical, our team of skilled professionals will get the job done with flying colours.


See the final outcome: We’ll help you understand how the final outcome will look like because we know how important it must be for you to see what the eventual result will be before embarking on a construction journey. Our building design services will ensure that you have a clear picture of the end result.


Red Deer's own: As mentioned earlier, we have been operating as a Red-Deer-based construction contractor for years and we believe that we owe our progress up until now to Red Deer and the people of this beautiful city who’ve time and again invested their trust in our services. When you hire us for building design and construction services in Red Deer and central Alberta, from that point onwards, you become one of our own & we at Phoenix Construction Inc always take good care of our own people.


Contact Us for Building Design and Construction Services in Red Deer

We create, we innovate, we build & we make dreams come true with our designing prowess. Give us a chance to help you with your building design needs in central Alberta and we ensure you that you will not be disappointed. Get in touch with us today.

since 1988

Sample Ideas

Phoenix Construction has worked on numerous projects providing building design and construction services in central Alberta.

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Pre-engineered Buildings in Red Deer?

Phoenix Construction Inc can assist you with all your pre-engineered building needs in Red Deer.

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